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Call Photography prides itself in "capturing memories that will last a lifetime." All our products and services are designed to enhance your commencement experience by capturing the excitement of your graduation.
Traditional Photography
Call Photography captures the excitement of graduates receiving their diploma by taking a candid photograph of each student as they receive their diploma. A color, proof is mailed to each graduate whose address is made available. Proofs are mailed within 5 days of the ceremony.
Second-Shot or Flag Photography*
Call Photography allows the graduate the opportunity to display their hard earned diploma by taking a pose candid photograph of each student as they exit (or walk) off/up the stage. A color Proof is mailed to each graduate whose address is made available. Contact proofs are mailed within 5 days of the ceremony. *(Optional service available at most schools)
Individual & Family Portraits
What a wonderful way to capture the memories of all your love ones who attend the ceremony. This optional service is available to a limited number of schools – typically schools that have a reception after their ceremony. This complimentary service allows the graduate and their family to have professional candid portraits taken, with no obligation to purchase. Color proof(s) are mailed to each graduate to within 10 days of the ceremony.
Panoramic Photography
This highly unique 10x24 photograph captures all the members of your graduating class in one very large picture. Each face is clearly visible due to the unique size of the photograph. How can we get everyone in one picture? We use a special panoramic camera, and position the students just right to get a great shot.
With Panoramic Pictures, students and parents can select from two different types of pictures: Formal and Crazy. A formal photograph is a photograph of all the students looking at the camera, with their hands on their laps and big smiles on their faces. In general, a more serious picture. The informal or crazy picture allows the students to show off a little of their character by putting their arms around friends, making goofy faces, or in general just having fun!!! All photographs are 100% guaranteed.
Additional Products
Lamination is a thin, clear plastic covering that prevents your pictures from tears, water damage and exposure to light. Lamination reduces the fading and yellowing of your photographs, clearly protecting your photographs from damage over time. A great way to insure your memories will last a lifetime, it also enhances the look and feel of your pictures.
Commencement Plaques
Our commencement plaque is a 9x12 inch walnut-grained board that looks great hanging next to your hard-earned diploma! Your commencement plaque will have a 5x7 photograph on one side, and the other side will contain your name, your school's name and logo (if available) engraved. Engraving information is limited to 27 characters—including spacing—per line.
Overview Photos
This unique photograph shows the entire graduation class, plus the platform party. This photograph is either taken from in front of or behind the stage area. We offer two sizes; 8x10 and 10x18, both will have a two-line title on the bottom of the photograph, which will have your school's name and your commencement year below. What a great way to show off your memories of a very special day! This product ships separately from your enlargements.
Photo Mounts/Display Folder
Our photo mounts are made of quality black linen; the inside has corner cuts to insert your photograph. A great way to display your photograph without purchasing a frame. Photo Mounts are available for 5x7 and 8x10 size prints only! A superb way of presenting your graduation print as a gift to a friend or family member.
Our newest product!!! A great souvenir for a very special day — makes a great gift for a relative or friend. This 2.25" x 3.25" keychain has a wallet size photograph on one side; the other side has the school logo (if available) along with the graduating year.